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Mother's Day is Sunday. How will you make that day memorable?

Will you buy a card and write something sweet? Will you buy flowers, or buy her a treat?

Will you give her a hug and a kiss?

Or will you fondly remember the mama you miss?

I love being a mother and now a grandmother to seven healthy grand babies. Watching my daughter with her children reminds me of when she was young. It also reminds me of my own mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. All strong women who pioneered through life in their own ways and who now leave a legacy to the next generation of women. As I remember Mother's Day, I reflect on all mothers, past and present, and realize how much I am better for the mamas in my life.

Everyday, I meet and work with women who sacrifice for their children. Many of the women I work with are mothers. Some are married and their husband's are deployed oversees. They focus on pouring out their love on their children as a single parent while their partner is away. Other women are worried about their own sons and daughters who also are enlisted or living away at college. One woman I know gives everything to help girls transitioning from the foster care system. Even though she did not give them life, she's giving them the tools they need to build the best life possible.

The heartstrings of a mother and child relationship are not easily broken. There is nothing like the love between a mother and child. Don't take mama for granted. One day she will be gone and all you'll have left are the memories you made with her.


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