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Have you noticed the changes that have been taking place outside of your window? We are in the middle of a forced transformation and if you are not prepared for all the changes lurking around the corner, you could be caught off guard and the consequences could be stratospheric. What am I talking about? Time.

Last weekend we all obediently pushed our clocks ahead 1 hour as we traditionally "spring" forward at this time of year. After the summer subsides, we "fall" back and return our clocks to the regular time before we sprang. All this springing and falling has created a lot of problems over the decades since it was implemented post WWII to help us capture the most sunshine hours. For many, the time changes have negative consequences to our emotional regulation and this disruption can send the hands of our internal clocks spinning. Finally, after many attempts to standardize our time, it looks like the twice a year resets may be eliminated. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican who is one of the bill's sponsors, made a recommendation to the Senate on Tuesday to approve a bill that, if signed into law, would make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023. I for one, will be glad to stop with the disruption and frustration at not being able to change my over complicated watch as twice a year I have to seek out a jeweler who can change the time for me (don't laugh. It's harder than you think).

I pray the bill passes the Senate. It will be a small victory, but one sorely needed. Yes, it's about time, and it can't come too soon. The planets and stars can all realign. The seasons can be anticipated. The streetlights can be set and forgotten, and I can be assured that I'll be on time, because the time will not change. No more waking up late or getting to work an hour early. YIPPIE! One small step for mankind!


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