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A Good Man Waits

Break-ups are never easy. Especially when the woman is pregnant, living with her parents, and trying to figure out "the rest of the story" alone. Why is this story all too familiar and too common? Single mothers statistically run the majority of families in America. Grandparents support the single mother in most cases by helping with childcare, finances, and coparenting responsibilities.The man who is the father walks away from any responsibility and moves on to another woman, impregnates her, and repeats the pattern. Most single mothers live in low income areas and live below poverty. They seldom ask for child support or any financial assistance from the father because they don't know how or don't have the attorney fees required to retain a lawyer to file a paternity suit.

Why is no one advising women to not have sex with these losers?

Why is there no sex education that speaks to the truth of the risk of pregnancy? Why is abortion the solution when really the solution is having a plan BEFORE you have sex? A plan? Yes! Why are you having unprotected sex with someone you barely know? Did you not consider pregnancy or are women having sex in order to get pregnant and then have a "hook" to get a man? Well, if that is your plan, IT'S NOT WORKING. The men are not sticking around to help you raise the baby, and they aren't giving you any financial, parental, or emotional support either. So, why is the pattern not abundantly clear? Why are mom's having sex with multiple men, making multiple babies, and then complain they have no life, no money, and no man?

Lately, I've been having discussions with single moms who did not know waiting to have sex was an option.They felt pressured by their friends, society, and the men they date to comply in unprotected sex and when they get pregnant they feel abounded by their same friends, society and the men. In reality, your friends, society, and the men were NEVER committed to stay with you, pay for your choice, or take responsibility for the child. Those children are being raised by worn out, haggard, and overworked women who try to provide in a one-parent home what should be handled by two.

The solution:

Don't perpetuate the problem by doing the same thing over and over hoping to find a different outcome. The result will be the same because with each new addition, a man will have to take on not only his responsibility, but every other prior man's responsibility - and a good man won't do that. If you want a good man, you have to wait him out to determine if he is worth waiting for. When you give it up too easy, even good men will leave because they see you as unworthy of their time, money, or commitment. When a good man is made to wait, they are more likely to commit.


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