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A Mindful Meadow

Recently I heard someone compare "users" of the internet to drug addicts who are also known as "users." They were proposing that as users we are also known as "consumers" and therefor we are the product that is being sold to marketing agencies. Search engines track our behavior patterns with Algorithms that keep track of sites we've visited, purchases we've made, and people we've searched. Then the system sends this information to sellers of products and services that are in alignment with our prior behaviors. This is how we get sold to the highest bidder. I hate this.

I also remember hearing that Alexa and Siri are constantly listening. A friend told me she turned off all notifications on her phone. We were talking about going camping and she needed to buy a tent. BING...her phone notified her that Big-5 had tents on sale. Yes, they are always listening and trying to sell us something. This goes for persuasive idealisms as well. We are being directed toward a certain paradigm that is shifting our conscious beliefs and ideals. This is what is behind the polarization of society where hate crimes, murder, and destruction of lives are justified and the truth is ignored.

How do we fight this?

Turn it off, put it down, leave it alone.

When was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Can you even relax if you are apart from it for a minute? Then you my friend, are an addict. When was the last time you lay in a field of grass and looked up at the clouds? Have you ever done this with your children? Consider this...Your children are the first generation who have never known life without technology. Do you take the time to explore places that are not connected to technology? Do you even know what those might be? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go for a walk, bike ride, or play at the park and leave your phone behind.

  • Go to the beach, play in the water, teach your kids to boogie-board, burry you in sand, and make a sand castle.

  • Go to the mountains and find a meadow, a walking stick, pick flowers, and bird watch.

  • Go to a horse rescue and pet or ride a horse (or other farm animals), smell fresh straw, and muck a stall (it's therapeutic).

  • Get out a map and pick a random destination to drive in the car. Turn off the radio or movie and talk with your partner and your children about their dreams and hopes for the future.

You'll find that connecting with others is going to be a challenge which should tell you how important it is that you make this a priority. The more difficult it is to leave technology behind, the more you are addicted, the more you are being controlled by others, and the more you have lost yourself. Who you are and what you want in life often get forgotten for immediate thoughts and concerns that are found rapidly on your phone or tablet. Check out of the static and check into the life you's waiting for you to discover it.


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