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A Round Tuit

Procrastination is at epidemic proportions across our nation. We will put off everything, even living our lives has been put on hold during the 2020 pandemic. All that "wait and see" has us stuck in the weeds and it's harder and harder to step out and step up and fulfill our responsibilities. As long someone else is doing the work, as we don't have to perform, we don't have to try. If we don't try, we won't fail. If we don't fail, doesn't that make us successful? Well, if your goal is to only survive on the gifts of others, then I guess you have been successful. But when others don't provide the means for you to be more profitable, more accomplished, or more successful because you are not adding anything additional to what they provide, then you are stuck only getting what others will give. In other words, when you choose to live in mediocrity, you will live in mediocrity. When you chose to increase your lifestyle, you must chose to put forward the effort necessary to increase your life.