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I am an advocate for military personnel who are suffering the consequences of war. Young men and women dedicated their lives in service to their country and the consequences of that choice often results in mental and physical brokenness. Trauma off and on the battle field can destroy the person and 22 people a day take their lives rather than continue to suffer.

For the past 8 1/2 years Encouragers Counseling and Training Centers has been advocating for our service members and their families. In all these years (knock on wood) we have never lost one client to suicide. What are we doing differently that allows us to make such a claim? We do what we do best...Encourage. As advocates, we give them solutions for their problems, healing for their wounds, and hope for their hearts.

An advocate sees a problem that is happening to someone else and comes up with solutions to help them out of the situation. An activist on the other hand, will identify a problem and offer solutions that will only lead to their personal profit and notoriety. Unfortunately, all too often, those who suffer the most do not receive the things they need and the problems require new ways to solve. Money gets poured into problem solving ideas and not the actual problem solving.

As a non-profit much of what we do is pour ourselves, our resources, and our compassion into helping those who need help the most. We need your help to continue our successes for the future. Please consider helping us with your financial gifts, prayers, and words of encouragement. We love what we do and you help us do it well.


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