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Amen, Brother!

I love when I see the tide of change come in. That moment when the teacher becomes student and I begin to be schooled by my clients. That's the moment when I know they will be fine. I love to hear the passion that bubbles up in session where my clients get up and pace in my office. They passionately formulate in their minds the pathways they are creating and begin to speak their truth. Their words, their actions, and their energy has dramatically changed from one extreme to the other, and they are internally motivated to live the life they desire, not the one that was handed them. The process of change has begun, and they are now picking up steam and driving it home.

Once such moment happened recently.

Some time ago, I met Reggie. He came to me heart-broken and suicidal. A series of events left him questioning his value as a man, husband, and father. When he spoke, he was defeated, deflated, and without hope. Change was not easy for him, but he remained willing to learn. Week after week, the evidence of his perceptions were reinforced and further devalued his self-image. Ongoing struggles to change others in his life continued to barricade him from real change. Then something happened that changed everything. He quit trying to change his environment and started to change himself. Through a series of small, focused, baby-steps to change, Reggie began to explore other possibilities, changed habits, and changed results encouraged him. The more he tried, the more he desired. The more he desired, the more effort he made. The more effort he made, the more change he saw. The momentum of change began to carry him to the point where he was so passionate about his new life that he revealed his new truth to me,

“When we focus on remaining positive, only doors to positivity will open to us. When we say we can't, we are only defeating ourselves. We need to make the best of each day and live it to the fullest. I'm going to be consumed with my present moment, right now. This is my future. If I can be happy here, then I'm living my best life now."

Amen, brother!


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