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Anchors Away

People come and people go but they all leave a mark on our souls. Some will leave permanent scars and others will leave memories of joy and laughter. In my career as a therapist I have met some wonderful people and everyone has given me opportunities to grow. One person who has been with Encouragers only a short time gave so much of herself that as she leaves she takes a piece of us with her.

Priscilla Zarinelli AMFT joined our clinical team December 2020, after spending time abroad with her husband who is the Deputy Superintendent assigned to the Normandy American Cemetery, France. Priscilla returned to the United States desiring to complete her licensing requirements. Unfortunately for us, duty calls and Priscilla will be rejoining her husband in France as an ambassador of good will and supporting her husband in building public relations with the local community, the Mayors of the towns and Villages, and Politicians.

Even though Priscilla has only been with us a short time she has has made a memorable impression on us all. Her smile, laughter, and charitable heart will be missed. I have told her there is an open door anytime she wants to return. And what a blessing it is to have our own personal tour guide in France! Maybe I should take Encouragers abroad? Oui!

Bon voyage madame et monsieur!


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