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Artificial Empathy

Yesterday, I received a call from an unlisted number, "Hello. This is Jennifer with (company name). Your file just came across my desk and I wanted to..." CLICK. After I hung up on the artificial not-so-intelligent Seri wanna-be on steroids, I thought, "Is it rude to hang up on a AI caller?

I heard that Artificial Intelligent human look-alike's are ready for mass production. While searching for more information that might debunk this insane concept, I ran across this quote,

"Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve our lives by providing more emotional support to those who are lonely, providing digital psychotherapy and decision-support tools to improve child protection and other social work fields."

Other articles called AI Social Workers, "compassionate," "empathetic," and "a major force for social good." I would laugh if it wasn't possible. Remember all the suggestions for Social Workers in police cars? Well, I think this is the direction of the near future being prepared today. In the rubble of lives destroyed by lies and manipulation, a solution is just around the corner. At a time when people are losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates, I now have to worry about being replaced by a robot. "Social Robots" are being considered as "holding the key to improved interpersonal skills for children with Anti-Social Disorder." The sad part of this statement is saying something that has no social ability can provide social skills to children. And to imply that this can be done better than a real human being, who has real feelings, and real empathy, is insulting. It certainly explains why there is no longer a need for parents. All we need to do is program a computer to change a diaper and replace parents with AI birthing persons. Will Smith, HELP!

"They are brought to their knees and fall,

but we riseup and stand firm."

Psalm 20:8


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