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The back burner is not where ideas go to be developed. The back burner is where ideas go to cool off. If you are putting projects on the back burner before you've even fully formulated the idea, you're only using the back burner to avoid cooking the concepts altogether. A delay in tactical thinking will only lead to undeveloped ideas and unfinished goals. Procrastination is the killer of progress and the back burner is responsible for the majority of those deaths.

It does't take talent to work hard. It just takes effort. So many people want to find the escalator to success and the short cut that will take them to their dreams. They want to enter the marathon at mile 26 and finish strong the remaining .2 miles. With arms raised and smiling as they cross the finish line, they become indignant and offended at anyone who challenges them when they say they "ran a marathon." Most people WANT to lose weight and will purchase books on the subject, join gyms, and even hire nutritionists and personal trainers. No app or gym membership will do the job without application of the principles. Eat less, exercise more is not a new concept yet billions of dollars are wasted every year on new concepts to help the fat and lazy stay fat and lazy but hope they will lose weight.

The same goes for people with "fat" minds. We WANT to learn a new trade, get a promotion, or receive notarariety for a job well done. Most people won't read a book to learn a new trade, won't work toward learning a new skill, and only will wait for their annual cost of living increase as if it were a raise based on merit. It's not. You didn't do anything different to "earn" the raise, you just received it because Congress enacted the COLA (aka: Cost of Living Amendment) provision as part of the1972 Social Security Amendments. The automatic annual COLA began in 1975. It's now 2020 and you're still doing the same thing hoping for different results. That's insanity.

So, if you want to improve your financial circumstances get off the couch and into the proverbial kitchen. Take the ideas you have cooling on the back burner and pull them forward to the front of your mind. Turn up the flames of passion and purpose and stir up something worth serving to others at the table of your success.

"Normal is settling for mediocrity and accepting less than I can be. I don't want to be normal."

Vicki Coffman


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