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Be Thankful!

Super Bowl Sunday is considered, THE BIG GAME and as professional sports return to a semi-normal platform, sports fans are cheering across America. It's amazing how something as simple as sports can bring unity to an otherwise divisive world. So, I say, God Bless sports!

Have you ever considered what 2020 gave us that we can be thankful for? Nearly a year after we became aware of Covid-19 we are still wearing masks, social distancing and can't go to the movies or sit indoors at restaurants. So, you may ask me, what am I supposed to be thankful for?

Early in the pandemic there were memes and jokes about how the pandemic did what no woman could demand of her husband--that he be home and not watching sports. For the sports widow this may have been an amazing blessing. For her sports addicted husband...maybe not so much in the beginning, but I hear a LOT of men did their honey-do's and received a lot of love and attention from their wives only to realize this was something they had both long missed.

Well, if the schools remain closed or maybe they will close all together, and our children will be distanced learning or aka: homeschooled instead of going to public schools. This has been a debate for decades that Covid-19 might make a reality without the fight. How about the fact that you now can participate in your children's learning experience in your own home where you can also learn as they learn. Are you taking this opportunity to get to know their teachers? Remember when your children would come home and complain about an unfair teacher? Now you can meet them and WATCH them teach your child. If you have any questions, you have direct access to them via Zoom or via the distance learning portal. You are also available to learn the curriculum your children are learning so as to provide your perspectives on the subjects and maybe even learn something new or forgot from the days when you were in school.

Have you noticed how some people are hungry to return to work and others are content to stay home? This means the quality job applicant who is looking for work could be a better fit for the job long term. As taxes, unemployment, and $15 wage increases threaten to crush small businesses, employers recovering from the challenges of Covid-shut downs could rehire employees who took pay cuts and stayed as long as possible as opposed to those who bailed out when things got tough. With fewer jobs available employers will be connecting with proven committed workers as the nation returns to reopening the economy.

Don't get me wrong, 2021 will have challenges all its own, and we are getting a glimpse into those challenges today. But, I also want us to look for the silver lining in the dark and cloudy skies. It's always darkest before dawn. So, don't miss the opportunities to look for the blessings in the challenges and as the saying goes, "This too shall pass."



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