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Best Friend

"If you want to destroy and enemy,

make him a friend."

Abraham Lincoln

Dogs are often called, "Man's best friend." But why? I looked at research (and I was surprised to see how much research is available) to seek the answer to this question. Several papers have been written in literary journals, books, and blogs are available about the connection between man (and woman) and their dogs. Some talk about how owners will "select" their dog based on their appearance, their personalities, and their ability to connect with their owner. I would like to talk about the bond from the perspective of character.

In simple terms, I believe how we love will determine the connection between our humanness and our ability to connect with ANY animal. Dogs have been domesticated in the United States for centuries, but in other cultures around the world they have been "food." Much like horses, which is still considered a "delicacy" in France, and cats in South America. All types of birds, reptiles, and rodents are considered a delicacy" in many countries. I have heard that bugs can be a good filler between meals. I don't encourage it as they say, "You are what you eat."

But, back to dogs and being a best friend.

Consider this...

A dog (or other domesticated animal) is loyal to the end. I love the photos of a dog's nuzzle on a bed as it's owner lays sick inches away. How about fun? They will chase a ball until their tongues drag on the ground and they are completely spent. How about giving? They will come lay an empathetic paw on your leg when you are sad or lonely. How about tenderhearted? They will snuggle up to you when you crawl into bed on a cold and rainy night. How about sacrificial? They will let you sit in their favorite chair and lay on the ground at your feet. Dogs just know how to be the most giving and loving of all of man's creatures.

If you want to find someone who is loyal, fun, giving, tenderhearted, sacrificial, and loving...get a dog.


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