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I was watching a TV show last night and heard the term, "Infinity Best Friends," meaning Best Friends For Ever. I don't know where this photo was first taken, maybe some old movie set, but I loved how the title says, "Good friends know all your stories."

I heard a long time ago that if you have ONE best friend you are very lucky. If you have TWO you have a rare gift. Why is that? Well, look at a lifetime of relationships.

When we are children we are friends with many of those in our classrooms. We select friends based on common likes and interests. We will "play" together and sometimes we will have arguments that destroy those relationships. The next day we forgive and are right back to playing in the dirt, running in the playground, and laughing. Then we hit middle-school and those same friends see us a competition to our own identity and self-condemnation. They measure us up and we let the judgements fly. We are trying to discover who we are as individuals and relationships become difficult. By the time we are in high school we trust others less as feelings of insecurity and self-doubt are exposed by the allegations, shame, and blame by others. We want to "fit in," but find that not much fits anymore. Then we graduate and the only time we see those classmates is at a reunion years later when we again sum up those relationships through our childhood memories. We get married and have our bridesmaids and best men stand up for us. We develop relationships with "couples" and when the marriage ends we may end up with that one friend who has stood by us through thick and thin.

That's the friend that will be with you forever. That's the one you'll share stories with that go back decades. That one friend is the one who cried with you when you were heartbroken and who laughed with you when you were silly. That one person will be the one to read your eulogy and miss you when you're gone. Give that one individual in your life a call today and tell them how much you appreciate them. Besties like that are priceless.


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