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Better or Bitter

I've heard we're all replaceable, but this is ridiculous. One of my clients shared with me a while back how sports fans at a Denver-Broncos football game were replaced by South-park characters and I had to take a look. Yep, unbelievable. 2020 CoronaVirus has replaced us all.

This photo got me thinking which is never a safe journey when contemplating our value minimized to the size of a cardboard cut out. As we approach the end of the year, I think there is value in reflecting back at what changes 2020 made to the world, but mostly, how did it change us?

Have we grown closer as we were forced together at home or did we fight, break-up, and leave?

Have we learned to be more patient with each other or found reasons to build walls of decisiveness?

Are we more aware of our prejudices and preferences toward one another? Have we found grace and mercy in the mist of chaos and destruction?

Are we financially better off in the wake of shut-downs or are we like so many who fear what the future will reveal?

As individuals, families, communities, as a nation...are we better or bitter?

I pray for America and what is waiting around the corner for us as we turn another page in the history book. I pray we can find grace, patience, and mercy waiting for us as we step into our future and that we haven't been replaced by a cardboard fan club.


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