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Black Swan Events

Nothing is worse than the Black Swan Event no one ever saw coming. The day America was attacked on 9-11-2001, was a black swan event, and Covid-19 and the ongoing "crisis" is a Black Swan that refuses to leave.

In relationships there are Black Swan Events too. You were so sure of your connection, the deep love you felt, the commitment you had to your partner, and the future that looked incredibly bright until you found pornography on the laptop and text messages from another woman on his phone. The devastation that resulted as the truth was revealed crushed the heart and tears at the soul. Deception reigns where there is vulnerability of the spirt. When distraction is the norm, the truth can hide in plain sight.

Can we ever completely trust anyone?

It seems to be getting harder and harder to trust anyone but ourselves. Even that seems to be a partial truth as we can tell ourselves lies and live in deception. I encourage people to be truth seekers at all times. To challenge why there is distraction and avoidance to honesty. Why is deflection, redirection, and p