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Broken Systems

Systems are all around us. They run the seasons, they synchronies the waves of the oceans, and systems even cause rain to fall down on us. We have world systems, government systems, economic systems, social systems, and family systems. Your car works because of the systems that work together in order to run. It has an engine and a drive train that work together to make the wheels roll. When there is something wrong in either system, you may need a system overhaul or a complete rebuild. Sometimes, it's not enough to replace broken parts and the whole system must be replaced.

Relationships are built on systems as well. Problems can develop when the systems that keeps things running smoothly break down. Sometimes, one of the people in the relationship has an unhealthy understanding how to work within a relationship and the other doesn't notice they've bought a clunker until the system comes to a screeching halt.

Narcissists like to turn systems toward their advantage. Narcissists are very charming and likable in the beginning. Like a used car salesman, they avoid exposing what's under the hood. They are romantic and will give love, admiration, and support in order to win your affection. Everything is done with selfish gain in mind, and they are very calculating. They will "play along" unti