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Climate Changed

There are many forms of climate; there's mother's nature's climate, the cultural climate, and the political climate to name just a few. Ultimately, there is more than one type of climate change and they all seem to be changing very rapidly. I avoid political conversations most of the time, and I'm not going to delve into Earth's climate change, as I believe the Earth to be a living, breathing organicism that is always changing, but I am interested in how the financial climate is being changed as that impacts my clients and my business as well.

In John Maxwell's book, Developing the Leaders Around You, he explains simply how infrastructure projects work. Even though the book was published in 1995, and the story was meant to be lighthearted, considering today's political discussions it is not funny. It starts with a small town building a bridge:

"The residents of a small town built a bridge. Then they decided that, if they had a new bridge, they'd better hire a watchman to keep an eye on it. So, they did. Someone noted that the watchman needed a salary, so they hired an accountant. He in turn pointed out he needed a treasurer. With a watchman, accountant, and a treasurer they had to have an administrator, so the residents appointed one. Congress then voted a cut in funding, and personnel had to be cut back. So, they fired the watchman!"

Relationships can do this same type of mismanagement; Two people escaping their own dysfunctional families come together to create a family of their own. Before the honeymoon is even over, they begin to argue. To stop the arguing, they have a baby. This creates more arguments, not less, and the baby is blamed. When no one can fix the baby, they divorce and create another family and repeat the same results, always blaming the baby. The baby grows up and meets someone and the story repeats.

A better solution that can change the climate of the family (and ultimately society) is people need to stop running from their discomfort. We are such a namby-pamby whiney society of wounded babies who have been abandoned, blamed, and abused by our selfish parents that we find it difficult to look beyond ourselves. We need to stop the cycle of insanity and change the climate of our own attitude. Stop doing what doesn't work. Stop blaming others for your own behaviors. Stop demanding others to do what you won't do for yourself. Get up off the couch. Get a job. Do your work and stop complaining. Stop saying, "I can't" and start saying, "I will." Take control of your life, your future, and your choices and you'll be amazed at how the climate in your life might be changed.


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