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Controlled Burns

Nature is open again. Yep, the doors to the forests, parks, and campgrounds have opened and the crowds have returned to Mother Nature's playground. But then again, the forests are burning down, so I guess not.

Years ago, the forestry service would conduct controlled burns in designated areas where the forest ground was covered in dead foliage. This was done to prevent forest fires by limiting the kindling for a spark to ignite. The Forestry Department was directed to stop these controlled burns to allow the forest to live "naturally" and decrease air pollution. Today, uncontrolled forest fires are burning down our forests, neighborhoods, and people are losing their lives and livelihoods. What was avoided previously through land management and proactive approaches has resulted in costly reactions to what was foretold in warnings from years ago. Life often reveals areas where if we are not proactive and prepared for the worst, it will most certainly happen.

Often people will create a negative situation then blame others for the consequences that follow. Look at domestic violence, "You made me hit you" and even now with the justification of stealing from businesses and then burning them down as a means of expressing displeasure. This is insane. How can one person's illegal activity be justified while another's illegal behaviors are condemned? How can one say they are moral when they have removed the standard for what defines morality? When the fires of hate have been allowed to burn freely society suffers. All people will pay the consequences for years and decades to follow. The Bible says to be angry is appropriate, but to sin in your anger is not appropriate. It's okay to get mad as injustice should be challenged. Wrongs are never made right by piling on more wrongs. Change what is wrong though changing what is wrong. It takes courage to stand up against injustice. If you see someone being unfairly attacked, step up and help them out. Do what is right. Be the light in the darkness. Be brave. Be the example for others to follow who are fearful of being singled out. If there is a fire, put it out. Today, we all must be on guard to protect the lands where we live, the livelihoods we've created, and our families and friends. Our communities are on fire but together we can extinguish the flames of hatred with buckets of love mixed with compassion and understanding.


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