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Coronavirus Benefits

Over the past several months the nation, heck the world, has been focused on the negatives created by Coronavirus. It killed many people around the globe, caused economies to nearly collapse, made the Stockmarket unstable, created political chaos, and closed businesses and schools across America.

But, being ever optimistic, I also can see a lot of positives that came out of the pandemic:

Less DUI's because everyone got hammered at home.

Less car crashes because no one was on the road.

Less deaths to natural causes because nearly everyone who died amazingly had Coronavirus.

Less kids dropped out of school as everyone was forced out of school.

Less teenage deaths were due to automobile accidents.

Less college crime because no one was on campus.

Less workplace violence because no one went to work.

Less divorces because the courts were closed.

Less affairs because of stay home orders.

Less sports injuries as sports were shut down.

Less people got speeding tickets as cars remained parked in the garage.

One employee said she couldn't return to work until she purchased a new battery for her car because her battery was dead due to being parked for the past 5 months.

And there's more:

More families reconnected.

More bicycles were sold.

More people learned to cook and sew.

More purchased RVs and trucks to pull them.

More people did stay-cations at home and created sanctuaries in their backyards.

More home improvements were accomplished.

More Internet start-up companies were created.

More policies were implemented so more access to mental health Telehealth services became available.

Families needed a re-set, schools needed to change, and work environments will never be the same. I think Coronavirus was a terrible pandemic, but I also believe it did a lot of good.

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