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There is a truism that says, "It's always darkest before the dawn." It also gets colder as temperatures drop just before sunrise. When the sun peeks over the horizon and I'm relaxing on my patio, this is where I find joy that washes over me. When I am not able to start my day with my steaming hot coffee watching the daybreak, I feel robbed, irritable, and down-right annoyed. My entire day can feel out of sorts as I am less productive. Relationships can be negatively impacted as those around me ask if I "woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Well, the wrong side of joy for sure.

Have you ever noticed that one specific thing that you do every single day can either make or break your attitude for the day? It's very common that people who start their day with an intentional act that they repeat sets a tone for how their day will manifest. Some people do yoga, mediation, or read scriptures from their Bible. Others enjoy a walk around the block or sweating at the gym. Some hop on their bicycles while others will enjoy a quiet moment with a loved one. No matter how you start your day your morning rituals will set the tone for your attitude. If you are rushed and watching the clock, you will most likely be anxious all day long. If you hate the morning and struggle to just get out of bed, you'll most likely find the day to wear on you as your energy levels dip. Knowing that you can choose your attitude beforehand helps you plan for each morning's start. Living intentional and making a decision to start your day on a positive note just feels good. Try'll like it.

If you'd like to learn more about making lasting changes, read my book: Live Intentional. Live the life you always wanted, but never believed you could. Available at Barns and Noble, Amazon, and iTunes


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