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Educational Collapse

What is happening to students today? Depression is on the rise. Suicide is on the rise. Unemployment is on the rise. Cost of living is on the rise. Food, electricity, gas, everything is costing more and yet there is no benefit to the youth who say they have no hope for their future.

Students graduating high school don't have a chance at getting a job because employers are forced to eliminate entry level work due to forced wage increases. Parents who want their children to get jobs are frustrated with their adult children's unproductive options, so they tell them to get a degree. This means the student who couldn't get a job, now has school debt hanging over their head after they graduate, and still can't get a job because they have no work experience. Parents are frustrated even more when their children remain in their home and can't pay their student loans leaving the parents on the hook for the debt.

I recently heard that public schools in California are being paid for student attendance even if they don't show up to school. Grades have transitioned away from letter grades (A-F) to pass or fail. I spoke with a friend who has 2 children in high school and she said their school has removed the D grade so that more and more students will receive a C passing grade. Lowering the expectations of student to the point where they are rewarded for not attending school (allowing them to graduate without actually learning anything) means that they certainly won't be able to find a job even with a high school diploma.

Why is this happening?

There are many factors as to why this collapse of educational learning is moving away from learning and forcing students toward increased dependence on parents and government subsidies. I can't even begin to understand the reasons behind the shift, but I wonder if parents are aware that the reason their children are unmotivated to attend school is because they see their classmates passing without trying or even showing up. One school principal reported the average number of students in attendance at his school was 8 per class and said 2/3 of the students choose to not attend school. Those who do attend are discouraged at the lack of leadership by staff or educators. Teachers still receive their full salary but have greatly reduced responsibilities. I can only imagine what "good" teachers are thinking as they realize all students will receive a passing grade regardless of effort to complete assignments. One parent told me their high school student reported one teacher sleeps during class and leaves the students unsupervised. I overheard another teacher praising the new system because his job has gotten so much easer and the pay has remained the same or even increased.

It's no wonder that parents are leaving the public schools and transitioning to private education. Many are just packing up and leaving the state. Sadly, many more parents are going to work unaware that their children are not even going to school.

Parents need to find out if their child is one of 8 going to class or one of the 2/3 not going. Without education, what is the future of our youth in America?

Ignorance is not bliss, it's just ignorance.


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