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Escaping Fear

Berry Boyce, Founder of Mindful magazine wrote about the effects of the 2020 pandemic and how we are entering into a new era, "The tyranny of clock and calendar have been removed, which could be a relief, but the resulting anarchy is unsettling, and the future is a fog of question marks" (Fall 2020 pg.72). Many would agree with this statement. When everyone's routines were shut down chaos filled in the gap and chaos was everywhere. The ones who benefited from the chaos pressed against the return to what was normal so that new norms could be established. This does not mean the replacements were better or even benefitted the masses, but they have been shoved down society's throat and we are left beaten and bruised by its effects. One of the most disturbing effects is the inability to find truth, and the increased move away from anything that resembles truth, fact, and knowing what fiction is. Polar paradigms were put in place to support one perspective and they are not interested in facts or truth as they are secondary to feelings. Unfortunately, feelings are not facts, and you can't be both emotional and logical at the same time.

I recommended a gentleman turn off his news feeds after he reported increased anxiety and depression. Every conversation we had was a recounting of all the negative things he had heard. When he eliminated the negative, even though it was hard to turn it off, he reported within 3 weeks that his depression and anxiety were so much better he went off his medication. I wish everyone would turn off the negative and seek to live in the positive. It is not living in denial to not want to flood your mind with things you have no control over. It is called making a choice.

I left California recently to visit friends in another state and was amazed at how it was bustling with life and positive energy. People were kind, courteous, and caring. Waitresses served us breakfast with a smile, and salespeople engaged in conversation as they peddled their wares. On the crowded streets people were walking and talking together and I heard laughter, something I have not heard much of late. The paradigm between California lockdowns and this other state made me feel as if I had escaped a prison built by fear. It was so refreshing, it lifted my spirts, and I felt hope again.

I want to encourage everyone, if you can, to travel. Step beyond our borders and experience another paradigm build on hope not hopelessness. Fear can be overcome by courage and anxiety and worry can be eliminated by seeing the truth that contradicts the lies. Depression can be lifted by a community built on hope. Get refreshed and return home with a clearer perspective that is uplifting and encouraging. Hope lives - it has not died. Dreams are alive and well. All we must do is look beyond the negative commentary and look for the truth.


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