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Eternally Thankful

What are you thankful for? Do you ever sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and tell those seated with you how much you value them in your life? Do you hold hands and say a prayer for those individuals not at the table that they might find joy in their day? Do you smile at another and appreciate the smile looking back? How much do you pay attention to the love being poured out at that moment? Or, will you be like so many others who will eat a boxed dinner alone?

This Thanksgiving many more people will be experiencing aloneness. They will not have family surrounding them cherishing their time together because they are elderly, weak, or physically distanced from those who will be staying home this year. Not everyone has Internet and access to a computer, and even if they do, few elderly people have the knowledge of technology to log into a ZOOM call.

What about the children? 1 in 4 are committing suicide because of the restrictions and unrealistic expectations that are being pressed upon them. What about the addict who is homeless or the countless mothers living with their children in a shelter or a car? Who will these people celebrate Thanksgiving with? What will their focus of thanks be? Many this holiday will suffer silently, feeling the loss of connection, and many more will die alone.

When you gather with your family this year, think of those who may not have much to be thankful for and give a little of your time for them. Pray for them. Visit a food pantry and give to them. And always remember Encouragers is giving to them emotional support during these challenging times. Click the DONATE button and share just a little. We will be eternally thankful.


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