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What does it mean to be exalted? It is a term for someone who deserves praise. What does it mean to be praiseworthy? The way I consider praise and those who are praiseworthy is someone who deserves it, but does not seek it, does not want it, and does not insist upon receiving it, and yet, receives it anyway. In other words, they are humble.

Humility is a concept that seems to have been lost in today's society. Everyone wants to be seen in a way that makes them feel good. They lower their own standards to "reach" the standards of others. They give up their purity in an effort to receive love. They forfeit who they are as they look for praise from others. They lose their uniqueness in order to be accepted by the crowd. They want to belong more than anything and so they do anything to belong. Even if it leads to a road of misery, they want to be miserable with others. Cell phones have become the means of elevating oneself through posts, clicks, and