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I can't even begin to guess what has happened to dating since CoronaVirus came on the scene. How many people learned about abstinence and self-control during this pandemic? I mean, wearing a mask while making love seems like the ultimate oxymoron of "safe sex."

I thought this picture was funny until I heard the latest about how Governor Newsom has directed California families on how they should celebrate Thanksgiving this year. According to the dictate, we are to avoid spreading CoronaVirus to others by limiting the gathering to no more than 3 families, sharing a meal outdoors, wearing masks between bites, sit socially distanced, and singing songs is not allowed. Oh, you have 2 hours to accomplish your holiday gathering before everyone must disperse, which means you have no social in your social event. Get in, eat, get out. Well, I guess that's one way to keep CoronaVirus exposure to a minimum and it is in alignment with the other holidays we've lost this year. Remember Valentines Day? That was our last holiday. Easter came and went, the 4th of July also came and went with no fanfare. Memorial Day weekend was no different from any other weekend and now Thanksgiving is focused not on being Thankful for our lives, friendships, and our families, but it is going to be focused on our fears, rules, and obedience to those rules. Yet, I remain prayerfully thankful. I know if I embrace my faith I can walk fearlessly for there is no fear where faith exists. They cannot coexist in the mind and one must give way to the other. Fear pushes out faith, and faith eliminates fear. So, this Thanksgiving have faith and refuse to be fearful. Thanksgiving 2020 will be a day of celebration as we remember what we are truly thankful for surrounded by families who love each other free from fear.



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