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Food Affects Mood

Yesterday, I grabbed a coffee cup, sprinkled some non-dairy power into it, and placed it under the coffee dispenser. As I awaited for the drip, drip, drip of coffee to process through, I picked up the non-dairy creamer and began reading the ingredients. I was shocked to see a new ingredient was added: CONTAINS A BIOENGINEERED FOOD PRODUCT. It didn't say what that food product was or what the bioengineered product was replacing, only that it was present in the product.

When my coffee finished dripping into the cup I noticed an "oil slick" of unidentified substance floating on top of my coffee. This bothered me as I had been using this product for years and never saw this happen before. I hadn't used the product in some time as I had changed to using real (raw) cream, so I began wondering why the manufacturer had altered the creamer to include this mystery ingredient. Out of curiosity, I looked at the bottle of liquid creamer (same company) in the fridge and it also included a bioengineered food product. Now I was upset! I looked at the pastry package on the counter, and sure enough, bioengineered substances were present in the pastry and cookies as well. In frustration I poured out the coffee and declined to eat any of the snack foods. If I had purchased the products myself, I would have thrown them all away.

The food we are eating is creating unhealthy gut issues, mental health issues, and behavioral issues in both adults and children alike. Junk food really has become junk, but even "health" food is junk too. Everything that is packaged and prepared in mass quantity is being altered to include more and more man-made substances. Our bodies were never meant to process artificial colors, sugars, or additives meant to improve flavor or appearance. Many of the mental health issues of the clients I see have noticed that their diet has a direct effect to the way they feel.

More and more people are awakening to the fact that real food is becoming less and less available, and if you can find it, the stores are pricing the natural foods out of reach. It's ridiculous to me that a bottle of almond milk, that isn't even milk but liquefied almond power, is $10 cheaper than unprocessed, unpasteurized, natural milk right from the cow. People who experience lactose intolerance are finding they can eat dairy products and drink raw milk without any problem. The same goes for most homemade products that have no additives. A recent study said that due to pesticides and fertilizers, our fruits and vegetables have only 40% nutritional value compared to fruits and vegetables prior to adding GMO and other additives to the soil.

My thought on this is that humans are not bioengineered (not yet, but they are being developed), so why do we need food that is bioengineered? I think it's time to start reading the labels and refuse to eat anything that contains unknown ingredients. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for the healthy life you choose.


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