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Game Nags

Have you ever felt frustrated that your spouse or boyfriend spends more time playing video games than they spend time with you? Do you find yourself blowing up on them, yelling at them how they are being selfish and demand they spend more time with you? How's that working for you?

Someone recently told me how she emotionally beat down her husband and was mad that he STILL would rather spend time alone in the garage while she's left in another part of the house. I asked what she thought her husband enjoyed most at the gaming experience that he did not get in the relationship experience. After a lot of guesses she finally said, "I don't know. I give up."

I shared some of the things a video game offers that she does not:

The game is fun.

The game is stimulating.

The game offers challenges that are measurable and attainable.

The game is interactive.

The game is interesting.

The game offers rewards for effort.

The game makes him feel like a winner.

When she heard this I asked her if she were a game would he want to play her? She said, "Probably not." I think we forget when we are new in the dating relationship we are so much fun, engaging, and interesting and we celebrate the little things that make us happy, which makes our guys feel like winners. I believe relationships could improve if women would change their approach to be more like video games and less like nags.

"But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense."

Luke 24:11


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