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Go Nuts!

My best friend of over 30+ years got married recently and I was honored to sign the license as her "witness." I received this week a card from her (photo) and it tickled my mind to think she sent a therapist a card about how she'd "go nuts." Yes, I know, it's also got a squirrel on the cover with a bunch of nuts, but if you knew my mind and how I love to take words and phrases and use them in my blog...well, you'd see how it made me laugh. Let me explain...

Do you ever look at life though a silly-pane? Not PAIN (as in hurt), but like a silly window. I think we tend to look at life through the lens we've been given by our parents. If they were/are negative, we will be negative. If they were/are critical, we will be critical as well. If they are selfish, well, you get what I mean. It's like they say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," or in this case, the nut.

It's not hard, but can seem to be hard, to change our world-view (window pane) from one that causes us (and others) to relive a life of pain to a window of joy and positivity. All it takes is effort. WHAT? Yes...not hard, but you have to do it. And you have to commit to doing it. It's like any life lesson, you must do more than try; you must DO it...and do it a lot. Silly people are happy people. They can find joy in the strangest places and sometimes it is unappreciated and downright unacceptable to others who do not share in their sense of humor. But even that can make the first laugh.

I remember as a new parent I wanted to be the BEST parent ever! So I was vulnerable with my daughter and put myself "out there" in situations that were downright belly-rolling and epitomized the emoji of ROFLMAO. Yes, I would slip up, trip up, fall down, and fail and my daughter would be right beside me laughing hysterically. Now, the shoe is on he other foot as I watch her with her children being vulnerable, falling and failing and I get to laugh with them in the process. Yes, we are a family that goes nuts once in a while and it's keeping us sane.


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