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Mother's under stress can unknowingly influence the development of their children. Stress is the number one killer of mom's and contributes to heart disease, cancer, and suicide. How the mom pours her stress into her children can result in the children being abused or neglected.

When we focus on the results we want to achieve, we can be more methodical in producing a better outcome. This happens whether we are baking bread, planting a garden, or raising children.

Like a well backed sourdough loaf, when we live intentional and mix the ingredients of our day into a well balanced loaf, we create a beautiful life.

Bad habits make us feel like we are over cooked, under nourished, and crusty on the outside.

What you pour into your life will create the out pour you give to others. If you pour health and happiness into your own life through self-care, time management, and having the right priorities, your out pour will be more focused as you intentionally move toward creating health and happiness for your family.

An client shared recently that she, her sister, and her mother are inseparable. Realizing this is not good for her adult daughters, her mother recently said, "We are 3-peas in a pod. But that has lead us to have a pod-mentality.We need to crack open the pod and let the peas out."

Focus on the good things, live to create positivity every day, and when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, even if it was imperfect, you can say you did better intentionally.

Don’t let your happiness

be based on something you can lose.

CS Lewis


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