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Hippy Bippity Bop!

I love when one of our own makes a name for herself. Well, at least her hip made a name for her. Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Linda MacInne\]

\s has been working with us for the past year serving the low income communities of Temecula Valley. Linda shared with us recently that she is on the cover of the Scripps, San Diego newsletter (published February 26, 2021)

Linda has suffered with chronic pain for many years and recently underwent "a revolutionary new approach" to hip replacement surgery. Within two weeks of the surgery Linda returned to work dancing in the hallways (literally), and singing praises as she cheered that she is finally pain free.

The reason I share Linda's story is to praise her for the courage to do something her primary care provider would not do for her. She became her own advocate and searched for solutions when no one else seemed to care. Often I tell my therapists and clients, "You must take care of yourself. No one else is going to care for you, your family, or your health more than you care." Linda's story is one more sliver of proof that when you choose to change, everything around you will change. Thank you Linda for being an amazing person, therapist, and friend.


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