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The holidays are behind us and it's time to put away the decorations, throw out the tree, and get our homes back in order. Sometimes, order looks different between men and women who look at their home in very differnt ways.

Do you want to know the difference between men and women when it comes to heart and home? A woman will invite another woman into their home and the second will offer, “What a beautiful home you have.“ Her husband will walk past them asking where the television, the refrigerator, and the couch are. He's ready to settle in for watching the game, munch on junk food, and root for his favorite team. Most women decorate their home to display what’s in their heart. They will buy pretty pictures of places they have or wish to visit. They put flowers in vases, cute rugs on the floor, and even make sure the smallest details are in perfect. Most men don't decorate. They leave their drill in the kitchen, boots in the bathroom, and pants on the floor. That's about as "decorative" as they get. If women are well organized in their life, their home will usually reflect that organization. If they are artistic their walls will reveal their gift. If they take pride in their children, their photos will hang on the walls. For men if you look at their bachelor pads, much of what is displayed is their favorite sports team, alcohol, or the trips around the world that they took alone.

A woman creates a home that others will praise her for. Her home is a reflection of her as a wife, mother, and homemaker. She is the heart of the home and her focus is inside the home. Inside is where she will entertain visitors and she wants them to relax in comfort. A man looks at his home as a status symbol of his financial success. Men are more interested in how they are perceived by others and focus on the outside of their home. The curb appeal matters more than the clutter inside because they are not looking to entertain anyone. They just want to look good as others drive, walk, or ride past and receive praise for a job well done.

Many an argument is heard between a husband and wife over these differences. To one the most important thing is to make guests feel comfortable. To the other, the only people who should be comfortable are the people who live there. The woman may feel resentful because no one visits her home to give her praise. She looks to her man for praise, but he never praises her cleaning the house for him and the family. She may not praise him for his efforts in the yard as she thinks his reward comes from the praise of others. They both desire praise, but look for it in very different ways.

When you understand the motivations of your heart in your home, you can also understand how much you value praise. When you see each other working hard to have a home that reflects the love, care, and attention you both dedicate to it, celebrate that effort by giving each other praise. You both deserve it.


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