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Honest Doubt

We live in troubling times. Life is filled with uncertainty and 2020 taught us to not hold onto anything too tightly. Inconsistency and constant change created a feeling of doubt that hit us to the core. We learned to question everything we ever knew about our lives, ourselves, and where our security is (or isn't). We went from riding an economic boom to a crisis created during a pandemic. We doubted what we were told, questioned when it would be over, and doubts still linger as we wait for the final outcome.

At Encouragers we also have needed to change with the times. When the first wave of the pandemic struck - we calmed the fears of our clients and encouraged our employees with prayer and emotional support. As it continued, we adjusted our therapy to an online format. We saw employees leave as the pressure mounted and our ability to serve many was diminished. We sheltered in place and continued to serve. We only closed our doors for 1 week when we had a near miss, but staff were protected and we resumed our commitments to others. Each step we took was with purpose and mindful of the needs of our clients. Every therapist was able to express their concerns and we supported their needs with care and consistency. Did we have all the answers? No. But a willingness to be flexible, to adjust as needed, and to remain committed to our purpose has allowed us to learn, to grow, and to be honest even while we doubted.

"Today I will remember that uncertainty is not a fault but an opportunity.

Everything I do and everything that crosses my path - people, situations, ideas -

all have the potential to contribute to my growth and understanding."

Alred, Lord Tennyson

It is okay to have doubts and to feel uncertain at times. After all, we don't have all the answers or all of the information needed for complete understanding. Sometimes, uncertainty plagues our nights, but clarity comes in the morning.


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