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I Am A Promise

The best part of working with my team of unique and very diverse therapists is we get to learn about each other's dreams, desires, challenges, and accomplishments. Recently, while I was surrounded by my team for our weekly supervision and training session, Sylvia Parron Associate Marriage and Family Therapist shared a story of her childhood that was both touching and encouraging.

The topic for the day's lesson was on the difference between Authentic, Real, and True. As usual, all were engaged in a lively discussion of ideas, understandings, and personal experiences that supported each offered concept. Sylvia shared her story of learning to embrace her gift of singing and that she was a contestant on both The Voice and American Idol. This was the first time I had heard this and to further impress us, she sang a song her grandmother taught her as a young girl. She began the song with a soft and low voice, but by the end of the song she was belting out the words with energy that gave the rest of us a truly magical experience. The words and the story behind Sylvia's discovery of a gift that has blessed her through the years, truly blessed us all.

These are the lyrics to the song she shared:


I am a Promise

I am a Possibility

I am a Promise

With a capital P

I am a great big bundle of Potentiality

And I am learning

To hear God's voice

And I am trying

To make the right choice

I am a Promise to Be

Anything he wants me to be!


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