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This weekend I needed a helping hand. I went in search for a trailer hitch with a 2 and 5/16 inch ball. What I learned is that all the recent purchases of travel and toy hauler trailers has created a shortage of this particular size ball. I searched for the past week going to every automotive supply chain, trailer repair shop, and camper distributor between Corona and Temecula. The people behind the counter would sell me what I asked for without offering any insights. This meant I would have to return the items as they were not the right fit, the right height, or the right dimension for my truck or the trailer. Then one day a client of mine told me about a trailer repair shop in Norco, CA and he guaranteed they would take care of me. So off to Norco I went.

When I arrived at Carson Trailer Sales and Sicard Trailer Repairs, I met a man who identified himself as "J.T." He had a long handlebar mustache and a gentle manner that instantly he put my worries at rest. He showed me what I needed and even mounted the equipment on my truck. He offered that if it was not the right length that I could return it the next day, "I'll be here if you need me." I took off for home and learned that indeed I would need to return the next day as I gave J.T. the wrong information the day before. Again, J.T. was amazing. With a smile and a nod he replaced the wrong size for the right size, mounted it on my truck, and never even asked for the difference I owed him saying, "I know that if I treat you right, you'll be back." And of course he's right. This memory of his service will stick with me and anytime in the future when I think of a truck or trailer need, I will fondly remember J.T.

I have found that Customer Service is something that is hard to find in today's working environment where speed, efficiency, and technology have replaced the individual with a smile and kind support. I seldom will go to the Internet to purchase something that I can walk into a store and purchase. It's just nice to have someone wait on me, share with me their knowledge, and feel connected to the outside world. If you are a person who works in customer service, remember that what you are serving up may be more than a cup of coffee, an article of clothing, or the ringing-up of a sale. You might be serving more, much more, than you realize.


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