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Access Denied

I picked up my phone and tried to check my email messages. After several attempts that ate up most of my morning I quit because the app didn’t work. While driving to work I tried to make a phone call, but the phone for some reason didn’t work either. So, I tried to send a text, but that didn’t work. I wanted to fling my phone out the window of my car in a fit of frustration, but to do that would mean I would have no connection with any family members, my friends, or my employees. I am a hostage to this phone that isn't giving me access to my accounts.  

I hate Technology.

When I arrived at work I went to log into my computer. The spinning wheel of death spun around and around, but I couldn’t access anything because the Internet was down. I went to use the desk phone to call the property manager, but that didn’t work because it’s connected to the Internet. Again, my frustration was mounting! I wanted to have a solution, but nothing was within my control.

I hate technology.

I gave up and went home and turned on the TV. It didn’t work! I went to my laptop to log into my Netflix so I could watch a movie and forget the whole day. But it didn’t work either because my home Internet was interrupted as well.

I looked around my house for what I could do that did not involve Technology. The refrigerator and stove are connected to the Internet. The radio is connected to the Internet. I tried to ask Alexa what I could do that didn't involve the Internet, but she didn’t have any solutions for me.  Alexa is connected to the Internet.

I hate technology!

I went for a bike ride only to learn my bike path had been blocked by concrete barriers...access denied.

I give up.

I hate technology


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