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Are you discontent with your life? Do you find yourself comparing what you don't have with others who have what you want? Are you disappointed with where you live and despise the people you associate with? Are your clothes, car, or who you see in the mirror less than desirable? Do you wish you were skinnier, taller, shorter, faster, stronger, richer, wiser, or more famous? Do you not measure-up to the expectations of your friends, your parents, or even yourself? Do you see what others have and get angry that you don't have that too? Do you contemplate illegal ways to get the things you don't have? When you think of others as less deserving, yet they have more, you can begin to envy and lust after what they have, and this can lead you to obsess over finding ways to steal it from them. Society lies and says, "The ends justifies the means", which translates to "I wanted it, so I took it." This is a slippery slope that will lead you to destruction.

President Theodore Roosevelt is credited with warning Americans not to compare your life to anyone else, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” The Bible says we are not to desire what others have, where they live, lust after who they are married to, or seek to take any of their possessions (Exodus 20:17). These warnings ring true more today than ever before as people are looking to things, people, or wealth as a way toward happiness. Yet, more and more people are seeking therapy because they are so unhappy. They bought into the lies others use to distract you from true happiness, so in your misery, they can control you, manipulate your thinking, and turn you into a person you were never meant to be.

How can you be happy when there is so much telling you life is unfair? Why isn't the wealth fairly distributed? Why can some own more land than others? Why are some homeless while others live in mansions? Why do the rich getting richer and those who have needs seldom get those needs met? The truth is life is not fair, it was never meant to be fair, and it will never be fair as long as you compare your life to everyone else. There is always going to be someone who has more of something and the more you strive to get it all, you never will. You will chase forever after that which eludes you and you will never be content with what you have.

The solution for your misery is to stop comparing the things you don't have with the things' others DO have. Look at what you DO have, and you'll notice you possess some things that others don't have. You are uniquely made, so no one will be exactly like you. You have gifts and talents that others don't possess, even if they are undiscovered. You have desires and abilities others don't have, even if they are underdeveloped. You have dreams and ambitions that others don't have, even if you don't know how to achieve them. You have friends and family members that others don't have, even if you don't know how to appreciate them. You have health that others don't have, even if you are struggling. In so many ways you are better off than many. You have a life to envy by others, even if you don't see the value of it.

Strive to be better, not to have better. When you stop comparing your life to others and start looking for ways to gain knowledge, develop your abilities, increase your skills, and improve your health, you'll be living your life in incomparable ways.

6 “And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,

7 in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace,

expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”

Ephesians 2:6-7


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