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Intentional Influence

Raising children requires intentionality. Teaching your little ones that they are special and unique, a blessing from God is foundational to their self-esteem. When we know who we are in the eyes of those who love us, our self learns to respect ourselves as well as respect others. Self-respect determines the quality of life we will live, and our relationships will be defined by what we will tolerate.

Self-doubt is easy to accept. When we don't have confidence in what is true, we can be swayed to believe a lie. Parents, not teachers, are responsible for teaching their children truth.

Character is developed and improved not because of the challenges in our life, but in spite of them. We are all going to experience difficulty no matter our differences are. Identity opposition is when we choose to not fit in the box others made for us. Cancel culture rejects us as individuals because we do not conform to the lies pressed upon us. We reject the premise that we all need to be the same in order to be unique, and that accepting others as better than ourselves is a concept established by God, not people.

Conformity AND Individuality

I believe that we can conform in certain aspects of life without loosing our individuality. We can conform to the laws of the land, to following the rules of the road, and to living a life that blesses others as we receive blessings ourselves. I believe we must evaluate each circumstance for truthfulness, and to conform to lies in order to belong is ill advisable. When you find yourself agreeing with the majority, it's time to question your own judgement. When you see your children conforming without understanding, it's time to step in and teach them reasons to conform or to reject. When people begin to think for themselves, everyone wins. When we blindly confirm, we, like sheep, can be led over a cliff we can't see.

You can't influence everyone, but you can influence one.


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