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It's Not Supposed to be Easy

Have you ever thought, "The hill I've been climbing my whole life has not been an easy one." When you consider all the challenges you've faced, the missteps, the barriers, the walls, the peaks, and the valleys, do you look at life and think, "Why does life have to be so hard?"

Some people will collapse under the weight of daily living and will turn to distractions like alcohol, drugs, work, or sex just to have a moment of "joy" in the mist of their misery. Sadly, instead of bringing joy, these distractions often create more pain and suffering overtime and contribute to the reason life is so hard.

Some people will settle for a life of compromise. They are content in their discontent and they seek others like them so their misery is tolerable.

A very small percentage of people will seek knowledge to make change possible. They will read books, articles, or listen to podcasts designed to improve their life. They will go to counseling, find a mentor, or go to the successful and ask them how they did it. They will learn that failure is not a bad thing but an opportunity to grow. They will fall down and get back up again, time and time again. They will make progress and they will be encouraged when others think they are crazy and try to discourage them. They know their purpose has merit and they will press on even when everything tells them to quit. They will be criticized, marginalized, brutalized, and slandered from those who want their success, but not the work it takes to get there. They will find success in the journey along the way to reaching their goals.

When you look at your life and the measure of its success, you can be proud of the hard work and commitment to living a life well lived. You will be able to say you ran the race and finished strong, even if you were the only one running.

"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize?

Run in such a way that you may win."

1 Corinthians 9:24


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