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Labels Kill

Encouragers is receiving more and more requests for therapy to address the firestorm of name calling, mislabeling, over generalizations, and unsubstantial accusations spreading across America. We are being inundated with hate speech across all perspectives and a war is brewing in our nation's capital. State capitals are boarding up and fencing their property in anticipation of terrorist attacks from US citizens and unseen agitators who want to see America destroyed. All this negative commentary is spreading unchecked and it's causing individuals and families unprecedented fear, anxiety, and depression. We looked forward to 2021 following the 2020 Covid pandemic and economic shutdowns with hope. Now, we see America is moving further and further away from returning to a place of hope and peace and people are clamoring for help as they are drowning in fear.

One client called crying because she is an immigrant of Jewish and Hispanic background, but because she has light skin she is called a "racist."

Another client who is in a bi-racial marriage is called, "Uncle Tom."

Another African-American woman said she was driving in a car with her husband who has light skin and a driver in a passing car began cursing at her (names I can't put in print), and then he threw his soda on her.

What is the purpose of all this hatred and destruction? What is happening to America, why did it start, and when or worse, WHERE will it end? Families are being torn apart, bi-racial marriages are being fractured, children are experiencing all this hate that is destroying their childhood, and young adults are preparing for racial wars. Where can we find common ground when both sides are entrenched in rigid and fixed mindsets? Hate speech like this causes more division and it's going to be very difficult to come back from this unless our leaders can pull it together and be a positive example of unity. How can we be "the land of the free" while fences are going up across America and around our hearts?

Good news! You are not them...

In YOUR home YOU make the choice to move toward unity. YOU can be the change needed to bring peace to YOUR home. YOU can set a good example of unity for your family, your community, your church, and your business. We may not be able to change the world, or even our political climate, but we certainly can make a change in our own hearts to love instead of hate. To pray for our leaders that they might see the errors of their ways. Pray that we can listen to each other's words, that are drenched in emotions ablaze with fear, and feel compassion toward each other even while we disagree. There is a saying, "Let's agree to disagree." There is more that we can agree on than not, and with the things that we can't find middle ground on, let's just agree to not let those things destroy our relationships, our careers, our lives. It used to be debates were a good thing because it encouraged unity and understanding. We need to be able to open the door to communication, to understanding, and embrace each other for our common humanity. You are more than your politics, your skin color, or your faith. Don't let other people's labels define you. YOU define who you are by your actions, words, and beliefs. Don't forget that and no one will be able to take that away from you.


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