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Labor Day

I heard someone say many years ago, "If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life." I've always worked to do what I love and on my off days, I do what I love even more. My father worked hard and spoke often about his "work ethic." He worked 12-hour-days / 7-days-a-week and he died of a massive heart attack while at work. Seeing my father work so hard, I was determined to work as hard as he with one caveat;

to be intentional in my work, but also be intentional with my rest. So, I raised my family that even while we are committed and dedicated, loyal and respectful, honoring others through honoring ourselves, that we remember to we work hard in order to play harder.

Work was never a four-letter-word to me. I loved what work could afford me: a car, a home, an income to live. With the money I made I was able to play, travel, and eat at some pretty nice restaurants. Nothing was given to me - I earned every dollar I made. I never stole or took advantage of my employer. I saw work as a way to better my life and to steal from my boss was below the standard I set for myself. I did not need an employee handbook full of rules and limitations as I lived according to a standard that paper and pen did not record. The person I was determined my actions not the standards of any employer. I worked to be excellent for excellent's sake. I was true to myself and my employer benefited and consequently, I was promoted and received increased pay.