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If you knew you could be anything you wanted what would you pursue? If you knew the barriers of race, gender, age, and sexual orientation were only thoughts you could change, would you change them? If you knew for certain that a better life was within your reach, would you reach out and take it?

Life is like that. It gives you choices that are limitless. The lies we are told by ourselves and others keep us down. The beliefs that others use to justify their lack of effort does not have to be your belief. The limitations that others would push on you, you have the ability to reject, but you have to stand up for what you want. You have to work hard to prosper. You have to dream the dreams you want and then have the courage to go after them. Look around...who is keeping you down? If you cannot get to where you want to go is it because the opportunity is there and you won't take it? If you want to make more money are you willing to work for it? If you want a bigger, better lifestyle, are you willing to learn how to attain it? If education is the pathway to a better life are you willing to learn. Do you find yourself blaming others for your lack and year after year have nothing to show for your struggles? Wouldn't you rather plan for your future than blame others for losing your future to anger, hatred, and victimization?

If anything I havre said here resinates within you and sparks a fire of change, good for you. If you realize that you have been in the back seat of someone else's car waiting for them to take you where you want to go, only to be discouraged because you arrived a place that is nowhere near what you want for yourself, then get out and take the wheel. Put yourself in control of your life and stop waiting for someone else to give you a life you prevent yourself from having. You have one life - stop wasting it on sex, drugs, alcohol, and greed. Rise up and be the best person you can be. Look in the mirror and take a step toward improving your life circumstances. If you don't like your life, change it. If you don't you will only remain in a life you hate, with people you distain, and on your deathbed you'll have regrets that you didn't do something when you had the opportunity. Today is your day, don't wait. Be encouraged, be brave, be inspired by your own wants and dreams. Choose to believe you have a life that is limitless; because you do.


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