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Live Intentional -The Book

When I began writing my book Live Intentional, it was in response to a world torn apart. Like a ship seriously damaged by the Corona Virus pandemic, I felt a need to set the sails toward recovery and set stabilizers in place to avoid the emotional ship from completely capsizing.

When I sent the book to the publisher (December 2021), we were still spinning wildly from an economic collapse due to government mandates, unemployment skyrocketing, and business shutdowns. Our boarders were wide open while our schools remained closed. Parent’s rights were being destroyed, and children were more and more caught in the middle of the constant warring, crime, murder, and hate. Everywhere, people were confused, angry, and frustrated at the never-ending uncertainty of when we might return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Unfortunately, time did not correct the course of the ship headed toward destruction and the sails have not been reset. The nation is more polarized as the public deals with misinformation and manipulation, half-truths, and a lack of unified intent. The rich are getting richer, the poor are remaining poor, and the middle class is shrinking into nonexistence.

If we are ever going to gain our footing as a nation we must start by living intentionally. As individuals, we must first balance our own lives and live in truth. As parents, we need to provide a safe environment where our children can flourish. Parents need to realize they are their children's first line of defense not their last. As a society, we need to return to the foundations that made America uniquely strong. Don't destroy our past, but learn from it. As a nation, we must be willing to open our minds to consider other perspectives and allow for healthy debate with the common goal of cooperation. We must take personal responsibility for our actions and not blame the success of others as the cause of our failures. We must live in the moment, but plan for the future. We must learn to love more than hate and reap the rewards of forgiveness. We must seek to build relationships that look beyond the limitations of race, religion, gender, or culture. We must seek wisdom first and not just inclusion. We must learn to live with a focused intent that moves us closer to living our best lives. For each of us to reach a destination where we are all free to pursue the dreams, goals, and accomplishments of our best efforts, we must first learn to live intentional.

If you would like to order a copy of the book Live Intentional, click here.


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