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Long-Haulers Syndrome

Many of our clients are expressing concerns regarding post-Covid symptoms. Some are sharing this is creating increased anxiety and depression over health concerns that their doctors are not willing or are unable to diagnose or treat. In an effort to learn more about the symptoms affecting both vaccinated and non-vaccinated clients, I learned of this diagnosis: Long Haulers Syndrome and the symptoms associated with this diagnosis. You can learn more here:

Anyone who has complications to a medical condition can benefit from therapy. You may not be able to change the diagnosis of a lifelong ailment or a terminal condition, but you can find peace in acceptance or courage to fight. Too often the doctors are wrong in their assessments and people do not succumb to a "terminal" condition. Sometimes, just having someone go on the journey toward the end can bring comfort. Often people don't realize what they are experiencing is grief and loss. They are grieving the changes in their life complicated by the disease and being forced to adjust to a new way of living and thinking. Therapy can help bring clarity, resources, and hope. Sometimes, even a shoulder to cry on.

All too often people suffer alone. Silently and uncomplainingly, they press through each day dying inside while waiting for their body to relinquish itself to a terminal disease. They quit living and begin the grieving process sometimes years before they reach the end, wasting what life they had left. I've seen people who retire from a job die years before their time because without a purpose, they quit living. Nothing was wrong with them physically, but they lost hope and motivation to live. Don't let this happen to you. Find a therapist who understands the grieving process of change and find the hope you long for.


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