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Manic Monday

Do you hate Monday mornings? They seem even harder to deal with following a long weekend of fun. Easter weekend was filled with the celebration of Christ's rising, food (ham and fixin's at our house), and laughter with extended family. Now, we're back to the same-old-same old on Monday morning. So, how do we get out of our funk? Well, we look for a reason to get out of bed.

Spring is in the air and the weather is changing to cool mornings, warm afternoons, and beautifully clear evenings. Perfect for going for a walk and holding hands with the one you love. The kids seem to be in better moods as they run and play after school (or they should). Taking them to the park to get their energy levels down is always a great way to begin the evening. Sitting at the dinner table together instead of watching TV makes for connection and it's the best way for parents to know what is happening with their children. This long abandoned habit of dinner at 6:00 has been replaced by fast-food whenever the urge hits. Mom's quit cooking and a generation now has no idea how to boil water without burning it. Dad's don't work on the cars in the driveway anymore and sons don't know how to change a flat tire. These could be fun projects to plan together as summer approaches. These moments of time shared with the kids creates lifelong bonds and memories they will fondly remember long after mom and dad have taken off in their RV for a cross-country trip. There is nothing as gratifying as seeing your child teach their child something your parent taught you. Generational legacy is a lost art and I believe our children and their children have not acquired the wisdom of the past, have no connection with their past, and so have no pride in it.

Mondays are perfect days for planning the next weekend. So, get up, get ready for your day, and contemplate what skill you'd like to teach your child this weekend? Go fishing? Break out the camping gear and make sure it's ready for the summer get-away? Grab the bat and glove and teach someone how to hit a ball? Get on the bike and ride a dirt trail through a forest? Or paint on canvas your favorite animal? Whatever you do leave technology out of it. Go outside, breath in the fresh air and get to know your kids before the next "Just another manic Monday."


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