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Maybe Your Baby

This week I learned of two prominent women who committed suicide; country song legend Naomi Judd and Miss USA Cheslie Kryst(pictured). It was often reported that Naomi Judd struggled with depression all her life and throughout her professional career. She passed only days before being indoctrinated into Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. According to online website MARCA, Cheslie's mom reported Cheslie had previously attempted suicide and struggled with mental health issues for many years (

Preventable suicide is running rapid across America. California rated 10th with over 4,000 deaths by suicide for the 2021 year. Suicide is the #2 cause of death for children and young adults. Why is this not being discussed, and solutions being offered in the open?

Parental Rights and concerns are being discussed and challenged because parents recently learned about laws that directly affect their care and protection over their children. According to California law parents have no rights when it comes to their children ( ). For years, family law courts direct parents how to conduct court approved visitation and child support for minor children. In no way do I blame parents who have lost a child to suicide. I believe parents are the last line of defense to protecting their minor children and they need to have tools and power to utilize those tools when it comes to their children’s mental health.

To the mental health provider, the laws are rapidly affecting how we proceed with minors seeking counseling. Court orders, attorneys, who holds privilege, and who is assigned guardian ad litem directs us in how to proceed with therapy. Some children come to us because of a parent's love and concern. Sometimes they come because it is court ordered. Sometimes the children take it upon themselves to seek help. In most cases where parents cannot get along there is always a struggle for the child. If parents could find peace and compromise outside of the court children would benefit and not be used as pawns in their parents' battles. If parents could learn to put their minor children's needs before their own, children would learn they are valued. If parents would learn to speak with their children and not at them, they would feel heard. If parents would defend their children more, they would feel protected and less vulnerable. If parents would spend more time with their children than they do with their phones, children would feel loved. If parents were more engaged in the raising of their children, more aware of their challenges, more aware of their mental health, less children would take their own lives as their last plea for help.

"Maybe Your Baby's Got The Blues"

"If you hear her cry at night Better turn on your light Maybe your baby's got the blues. When she says there's nothing wrong She just wants to be alone You can bet your baby's got the blues."

Writer(s): Troy Seals, Graham Lyle


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