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Mind-Gut Connection

There is a connection between our minds and our guts. What we eat can have a positive or a negative correlation to mental acuity. When we eat foods that do not process well in our gut it can create symptoms like brain fog, depression, and mood destabilization. In children, food allergies have been attributed to angry outbursts, irritability, and poor concentration. In adults we see similar behaviors. Medical Doctors misdiagnose and prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms but do not seek the root cause that is creating the symptoms. One example of this was reported in study that found if you are prescribed Nexium and Prilosec for heartburn your chance of contracting Corona Virus quadruples. By the time we see clients they have been experiencing years of frustration exacerbated by thoughts that there is something “wrong with me.”

Fortunately, there are many homeopathic and nutritional remedies that can reduce symptoms simply by changing foods, decreasing processed foods, and adding the right nutritional supplements. According to a collection of articles in Women’s World magazine titled Heal Your Gut Naturally (April 2022), these are some of the many recommendations where food can heal brain fog, stomach pain, heartburn, migraines, skin rashes, joint pain, PMS, irregular menses, lethargy, and some foods can even contribute to cancer.

Gluten- Check packages as things you wouldn’t even think have gluten use it as a preservative (like ketchup).

Milk/Dairy – Substitute with A2 milk, Almond milk, or Coconut milk.

Enzyme Deficiency – Increase fruits and vegetables 3-5 times a day.

Histamine – Adding a supplement called SAMe can reduce symptoms of depression and stress.

Yeast – Excess can cause infections that lead to depression, brain fog. Solution: Add Turmeric to your diet.

H. Pylori bacteria – Increase honey, garlic, coconut oil, blueberries, and supplement with probiotics.

Hydrate – We are made up of water and need water for our body to run properly.

My recommendation for those who are taking medications to address issues of depression, anxiety, and have physical symptoms as well, consider what you are eating as part of your mental health treatment plan.


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