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Picture Perfect

We will always see life through the lens we use.

Back in the days before cell phone cameras we used to use a stand-alone camera. You couldn't make calls on it, you couldn't search the web or take notes with it. Most of the time it wouldn't even take videos, but only took still pictures. You had to take classes in photography and if you wanted to save money you developed the film in a dark room built in your home. Taking photos was an art and people said if you took great pictures you had a good "eye." That meant you could naturally see the shot in your mind before you even snapped the picture.

In life we've all got an eye for how we see things. We can "look" through the lens with a negative perspective seeing our experiences through what is missing or wrong. We can have a positive image of life and see beyond what is in the photo before us. We can't see the smile on this little girl's face, but if you know children, you know she is having a blast taking pictures of the other children at play. She is viewing life through the lens of the camera and we are viewing her experience through our own childhood memories.

As we celebrate mother's day remember to look through the lens of your children's experiences. If you want them to remember you as a loving caring mother, be that person to them. If you want them to remember the snuggles and laughter, make it a reality. If you want them to run into your arms, keep them open and wrap them up in love. The gift of being a mother is unique and it is your opportunity to give to your children the love you may not have received from your mother. Love them and you'll find them loving you back.

Be the mother you wish you had for your children.


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