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Poor Bedfellow

Remember when everyone said, "Welcome to the new normal"? Well, we are about to learn what that new normal will look like. Traditional thoughts surrounding this time of year would be about the gifts, the tree, and the lights going up around the house. Unfortunately, because of inflation everything costs more than last year and supply chain interruptions mean Santa may not be able to deliver your toys on time. Families are feeling the squeeze as they must choose between food, gas, or Christmas and fear of the financial collapse has everyone concerned. At least everyone who is listening beyond the typical information outlets.

Why does this concern a mental health provider? Because I'm human too. I see people in my office with Anxiety and Depression over their financial situation, their lack of employment, their pending divorce, and their fear of the future. Some concerns can be dealt with easily, while other problems and fears have real consequences. Sometimes the boogie man really does exist.

I have been watching the stock market for years. Ever since I lost 1/2 of my retirement savings in the 2008 financial and real estate collapse. I have been obsessed with learning as much as possible so I could be prepared for the "next" crash. Rumors have it the US Dollar will become worthless in the new few months to years and what will take its place will look more like random numbers on a spread sheet as the age of Digital Currency replaces the dollar bill. If you don't know about the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), I recommend you start learning and learn fast. You my friend, are behind the curve. This photo is of the cover of the 40 page document published January 2022 by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. I found it on the Federal Reserve website: and it talks about the future of the US Dollar, changes in the payment system, and the future of digital currency. Last week I heard that the CBDC was rolled out in a pilot program with some US banks.

Nomi Prins, Investigative Journalist and author of Collusion, How Central Bankers Rigged the World says, "America's economy will never return to normal." Other financial planners warn that the stock market will crash (again) and 401k's will disappear. Some in the financial industry are warning about retirement plans collapsing as well and many who are living on a fixed income will find they have no income at all. Others warn that taxes will continue to rise, price of food will continue to rise, cost of heating, electricity, and gas will continue to rise, but incomes will fall flat, companies will be forced to lay off employees in order to survive, and those who are not prepared for the greatest depression in recent history will suffer greatly as the rich get richer, and the middle class disappears into poverty.

Do I say this to create a doom-and-gloom panic in the streets? No. I don't believe I have that much influence. But, I feel that after the past few years of living in fear we now need to look to other areas of concern that have evaded our attention for far too long. The holidays present a perfect time to gather with loved ones and talk about the changes on the horizon and collaborate ways to prepare for the unknowns. Do your due-diligence and research what you are hearing. Even if it seems far-fetched, irrational, or impossible. Look beyond page 1 to 3 pages back on Google. Look for what is happening in other countries as possible templates for the US. Compare what you know to be true and don't be afraid of the truth, but use the knowledge you gain to prepare for yourself and your family. Rember the saying, "United we rise, divided we fall." When you have each other's best interest at heart you can collaborate on a best case scenioro. When you isolate, ignore, and avoid the truth, the truth remains and you will find regret to be a poor bedfellow.

Better to be prepared and not need it, than to need it and be unprepared.


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