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Redeemingly Beautiful

March 1st is the first day of WOMEN'S History Month. I've never heard that there is an entire month set aside for women only! WOW! So, I ask you this...

What woman in your life has influenced you the most?

Most people would think of their mom (sorry ladies, she still gets top billing), their wife, sister, or girlfriend. Most would look at the relationship through the lens of what the woman gave them as a measurement of their worth. Some might say, "She gave me life," or another might say, "She saved my life." Some might see their relationships with women to be the most memorable moments when they received genuine and unconditional love. But what about the 10's of thousands of people who see women as uncaring, cruel, abusive, or downright evil? Not everyone's experience with women are happy, joyful, or inspirational. But you can take those negative moments and turn them into lessons learned, challenges overcame, and a life lived to its fullest.

I love when the movie industry gets it right. It's not often they take a true story of struggles, heartache and grief and turn it into something redeemingly beautiful. This movie was recommended to me by one of my student Interns and I recommend Penguin Bloom for anyone who has lost themselves, lost their way, and lost connection with their family.

Often, life's most difficult moments of adversity

can become the catalyst for our greatest achievements.


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