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Relationship Dance

Have you noticed that every relationship has a rhythm to it? When you are in lock-step with the other person the movements are easy. The two travel the floor in harmony and the dance is beautiful. The couple is aware of their partner in proximity to their own. They avoid stepping on each other's toes because they know each other's foot placement so well.

Traditionally, the woman follows the man's lead and confidently he moves her around the floor. Looking past her shoulder, he knows where they should go, making sure to avoid any obstacles that may cause her to trip and fall. He holds her tightly and she trusts him not to falter. They trust each other because over time, they have built this through practice. They have improved because each is learning and forgiving the other for their earlier mistakes. She forgives his stepping on her toes and running her into chairs and he forgives her lack of balance and trying to take over. She often will try to take control in the beginning because she has not built up that trust with him, and he gains confidence each time she lets him lead. The art of dance builds self-confidence when done properly. They speak without words and the communication is magic.

It can take years of practice to have this type of harmonious movement where the two move as one. The Bible explains how important it is to "follow." Another way of putting it is to submit oneself to the leading of another. It is not derogatory or demeaning (as some would have you believe) to follow someone whom you love and trust. It is an act of service voluntarily given. When two people are in total agreement of where they are going their lives can be as beautiful as a dance.

"For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord."

Ephesians 5:22


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